Mobile clinic

Who we are

DOC+ mission is to make high quality medical service affordable. We started as a pure doctor-house-calls service in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and transformed into the 1st licensed mobile clinic on the Russian market, providing on-demand doctor house calls, teleconsultations, EHR, medical concierge cervice and more.

120 000
orders performed
43% - repeated
doctors in 2 cities
work full-time and part-time
net promoter score
4.9/5.0 - average doctor's rating
Mobile clinic in your smartphone
Doc-to-home visits
Оrder in a couple of clicks,
98% of orders executed
in time
DocPlus - mobileApp
24/7 free online chat
with a doctor
& support
DocPlus - mobileApp
24/7 time-unlimited
video consultations
from around the world
DocPlus - mobileApp
Personal doctor
Instant communication
with your personal
DocPlus - mobileApp
Electronic Health Record
All medical data
in one place,
easy to read
DocPlus - mobileApp
Medical tests
Automatical structured
results of medical
DocPlus - mobileApp
Doctor’s app
Mobile working place for our doctors that gives them 24/7 online access to all medical data, allows to reduce time of filling in medical documents and daily routine processes and automatically control the quality of the service.

Data-security level complies with Russian law for Personal Medical Data Security.
Our 3-years development roadmap
1-st year
Telemedicine, premium subscription service, product for clients with chronic diseases
2-nd year
Digital assistant, health data ”dropbox”, upsell products on demand
3-d year
Health system navigation, open API (gadgets and apps), AI diagnostics
DOC+ raised $11.5 mln in 3 rounds of investments
Early investors panel consists of the leaders in Russian & European e-commerce space, incl. founders and executives of the largest Russian online consumer companies, investment banks and private funds (Lamoda, KupiVIP, OneTwoTrip, VTB Capital, AFK Systema and others)
Baring Vostok is one of the oldest and the largest private equity fund focusing on Russia and the CIS. The funds currently have over $3,7 billon of committed capital and an investor base consisting primarily of pension funds, university endowments, and sovereign wealth funds from North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Yandex is leading IT company which employs more than 6,000 people. In Russia Yandexs share of all search traffic is 57.6% (LiveInternet, Q1 2016). It also operate in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine. More than 55.2 million people in Russia use its services.

Our partners

DOC+ is partnered with more than 80% of insurance market and growing as an outstanding provider of doctor house calls services for large clinics.